W.C. Fields (William Claude Dunkenfield) has long been believed to have been born in Darby in the hoetl
where his father James tended bar. Curtis, a FIelds' biographer, says that he was born in the Arlington Hotel
which  stood on Main and Mill streets in front of Grisworld's Worsted, a textile mill. The Arlington was three
stories with a fire lookout, a box-like room with windows on all sides. The biographer adds that the hotel was
"a block and a half west of the town dock." and "the noisesst and dirtiest intersection in town...a stopping point
for dockhands, tradesmen, etc."
1875 Atlas map showing the Arlington House
Image from
Delaware County History.com   
1922 image of the Arlington
Collection of Tony Spano
Darby Furniture Exchange (believed to the Arlington)
Haigis collection, gift of B. Barnes
Steve Gulick as the great man himself at OcTrolleyFest 2005
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